Current events for Government Jobs

Current Events for Government Jobs

Getting Government Jobs is not a easy thing without the knowledge of Current events and GK. It requires hard work and more efforts. Every Indian Government Job need a General Knowledge inspite of book Knowledge. Soo daily we are going to provide you 10-15 current events or GK points. The points which we provide will much usefull and needy to clear Government exams. These points are also available in Facebook page, so like our Facebook page and enter your Mail-Id.

Bharat Ratna Awards:

Current Events for Government Jobs
YearName of the WinnerMore Info About Winner
1954C Rajagopalachari1)Last Governor General of Independent India
2)First Indian Governor General
1954Sir C.V Raman1)DOB: 5 Sep 1888
2)Book written: The Philosophy of Rabindranath tagore
1954Dr. RadhaKrishnan1)First Indian to get Nobel Prize for Raman Effect in
28th Feb 1928(National Science day)
1955Bhagavan DasIndian Theosophist
1955Sir. M Vishveshwarayya1)Father of Indian Financial Plans.
2)DOB: 15th Sep 1960(Engineers day)
3)Autobiography: Memoirs of My Working Life.
4)Famous Book: Planned Economy For India
1955Jawaharlal Nehru1)India’s First Long term Prime Minister.
2)Auto Biography: Towards Freedom.
1957Govindh valabha PanthRiyand Dam in Uttara Pradesh is called as Govindh
Valabha Panth Ocean.
1958Dondo Keshava Karve1)He is also famous as Maharshi Karve.
2)Autobiography: Looking back(English)
1961B.C Roy1)2nd CM of West bengal
2)DOB: 1st July 1882
1961Purushottam DasHe is also called as Ghandi of Uttar Pradesh
1962Dr.Babu Rajendra Prasad1)First Indian President. (1952-62)
2)Famous Book: India Divided.
3)Auto Biography: Atmakatha
4)DOB: 3 Dec 1884(Lawyers day)
1963Dr.Jakir Hussain1)1st Indian President and 2nd Vice President.
2)He is the first Muslim President.
3)He is the First person to Died in Ruling period
1963Panduranga Vaman kani1)Famous work: History of Dharmashastra.
1966Lal Bahadur Shastri1)He is the 2nd Prime Minister.
2)He is the Prime Minister to die in ruling period.
3)Famous Slogan: Jai Jawan Jai Kisan.
1971Indira Ghandi1)Iron women of India.
2)He is the first Indian women to get Bharat Ratna.
3)IGNOU in Delhi.
1975V.V Giri1)He is the first Indian Temporary President.
2)He also worked as Governor of Uttar Pradesh, Kerala,
and Mysore State.
3)He established Indian Society of Labour Economics.
1976K.Kamraj1)He served as the CM of Madras State.
1980Mother Teressa1)She established the Mission of Charity in Kolkata.
2)She was awarded Shanthi Nobel in 1979.
1983Acharya Vinoba bhave1)He is the first person to get Raman Magsesse award.
1987Khan Abdul Ghaphar Khan1)He is also well Known as Gadi Nada Gandhi.
2)He also started Servent’s of God Movement.
1988M.G. Ramachandran1)He is the First CM from Cinema background
1990Dr.B.R Ambedkar1)Auto biography: Waiting for Visa.
1991Rajeev Ghandi1)He is the India’s 7th Prime minister and he had also
became the small age prime minister(40 Yrs).
2)According to 61st Amendment he decreased the
voting age from 21 to 18.
1991Sardar Valabha Bai Patel1)He is also famous as India’s Bismark and he is also
well known as Iron man of India.
2)He is the first India’s Home Minister and First Ex-
Prime Minister.
3)On 31st October 2018 his staute was built on the
banks of River Narmada.
1991Moraji Desai1)He is the 5th Prime Minister and First Congress
Prime Minister.
2)He has also got the Pakisthan’s well known Award
‘Nishan he Pakisthan’.
1992Moulana Abul Kalam Azad1)He is the First Education Minister of Independent
2)DOB: 11th November is celebrated as National
Education Day.
1992J.R.D Tata1)He is the father of Indian Aviation.
2)He is also well known as Pioneer Industrialist.
1992Sathyajith Ray1)He is the Director, Producer and story writer of
Indian Bengali Movie.
2)His famous Movie’s are Aparajitho, Apoor Sansar,
Pathar Panchali.
1997Guljari Lal Nanda1)He was the Temporary Prime minsiter for two times
i.e 13 Days.
1997Arun Asaf Ali1)She is Also Known as Grand Old Women Of India.
1997Abdul Kalam1)He is well known as Missile Man of India.
2)He is the 11th President of India.
3)His Auto biography: ‘Wings of Fire’.
1998M.S. Subhalaxmi1)She is the First Indian women singer to get Raman
Magsesse which is well known as Asia’s Nobel.
1998C.Subhramanyam1)He is the Founder of national Agro Foundation.
1999Jaya Prakash Narayan1)He is well known as Lok nayak JP.
1999Amartya Sen1)He is the first and One and only person to get Nobel
Prize for Economic science.
1999Gopinath Bardoli1)He is the First CM of Independent India’s Assam.
1999Sitar vadak Ravi shankar1)He is the Famous Indian Sitar Misical Instrument
2)Autobiography: My Music My Life.
2001Lata Mangeshkar1)She have the tittle ‘voice of the nation’ and ‘Queen of
2001Bismilah Khan1)He is the India’s famous Shahanay player.
2008Pandit Bheem Sen Jhoshi
2014C.N.R Rao
1)Chintamani Nagesa Ramachandra Rao FRS
2)also known as C. N. R. Rao, is an Indian chemist
who has worked mainly in solid-state and structural
2014Sachin Tendulakar1)He is the most Young age man to get Bharat Ratna
2)He is the First Sport’s person.
2015Pandit Madhan Mohan Malaviya1)He also have the Tittle ‘Mahamana’
2015A.B Vajapayee1)Indian Statesmen to serve for Three terms as Prime
2019Pranab Mukharjee1)He is 13th President of India.

2019Bhuphen Hajarika1)He is the background Singer from Assam.
2)He is also known as Sudhakanta.
2019Nanaji Deshmukh1)He is also called as Chandika Das Amruth Rao

ISRO had launched 2 satellites on 24th Jan 2019.

One is Through PSLV-C44 for Scientific research know as Kalam Sat and Other one is Micro Sat which is used for the purpose of Indian Army.

Australian Open Tennis- 2019

Men’s single’s winner: Novok Jokovik from Serbia. He won for 7th time. Money for 1st prize is 28.88 Crore 2nd Prize is 10 Crore(Foe Men’s).

Women’s Single’s: Navomi Vosaka(21 Yrs). She is the first Asian women to reach first place. She won 14 times in Grand Slam. 1st prize money ia 20.88 Cr and for Runner up is 10.44 Cr(Kwitova).

New Reservation system:

According to new reservation system. The reservation for OBC is increased to 10%. It Comes under 10rd Amendment of Constitution.

Pravsi Bharatiya Divas:

15Th Pravasi bharatiya Divas was held in Varanasi in 2019. In 2003- New Delhi, 2015- Ghandinagar, 2018- Singapore, 2019- Varanasi. The Theme of Pravasi Bharatiya Divas is “Role of Indian Diaspora in building a New India”. Pravsi bharatiya Samman was awarded by Ramnath Kovind to the head of Turrino advertsing institute Dr. Julekha.

Bhrath Ratna- 2019:

Pranab Mukharjee: 13th President of India. Bhupen Hazarika: Assam based singer, Nanaji Deshmukh: Various service for mankind .

  • Radha Chauhan is the CEO of Government E- marketplace(GeM).
  • Ministry of environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) organised the second National Conference on ‘Sustainable and Environment Friendly Industrial production in New Delhi on 15th Feb 2019.
  • Municipal corporation of Raigarh, Ambikapur and Kumbakonam won the first second and Third prizes respectively of of Swachhata Excelence Awards- 2019.
  • The Inland water ways Authority of India launched a new portal names Least Available Depth Information System (LADIS) on 15th Feb 2019.
  • The Preseident of India will present the Tagore Award for Cultural Harmony on 18th Feb 2019. It is awarded annualy and carries an amount of Rs.1 Cr.
  • The World Employment and Social Outlook Trends 2019 report was released by the International Labour Organisation on 13th Feb 2019.
  • Binsih Chudgar was awarded the prestigious Ernst & Young ‘Entrepreneur of the year 2018 Award in the Life Science & Healthcare category.
  • Pramod Chandra Mody was appointed as the new chairman of Central Board of Direct Taxes on 15th Feb 2019.
  • TheUnited nations appointed Chandramouli Ramanathan as Controller and Assitant Secretary -General for Programme Planning, Budget, and Finance in the management strategy, Policy and compliance department on 15th Feb 2019.
  • BP sharma was re-employed as the CMD of the state-run helicopter manufacturer Pawan Hans.
  • RBI changes the threshold for bulk deposit. It has been revised as single deposit of Rs.2 Cr
  • Ruchira Kamboj was appointed as Indian envoy to Bhutan on 11th Feb 2019. She was elected by Ministry of External Affairs.
  • The Frontline warship of the Indian Navy ,INS Trikand participated in Cutlass Express 2019, a Multinational training exercise held from 27 Jan to 6th Feb 2019. It was commanded by Srinivas Muddula.
  • Swacha shakti is anational event which aims to bring in to focus the leadership role played by rural women in swachh Bharath Mission. It was fisr launched in 2017 in Ghandinagar.
  • John Morris Ajax Fire Engine a proud possession of Indian Railways was awarded the Statesmen Challenger Trophy 2019.
  • Railway Sports Promotion Board lifted the 9th Senior national Men’s Hockey Championship crown at Gwalior.
  • Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan inagurated the institute of Advanced Virology in Thiruvananthapuram. It is the first of its kind research institue linked to the Global Virus Betwork(GVN).
  • Former US President Jimmy Carter won his second Grammy Award for spoken word album for his biography “Faith A Journey For All”
  • The Theme of chalanachitra Festival 2019 will be ‘ Our Heritage, Our Pride’.
  • Sana Mir from Pakisthan is the First Asian women cricketer to play 100 T20 international matches.
  • Smriti Mandhana has attained number one ranking in the ICC ODI batting rankings.
  • Indian opener Smriti Mandhana made the fastest fifty for India in Women T20’s
  • Shehri Samridhi Utsav was launched on 4th of Feb 2019. It was the initiative of Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs.
  • Macedonia signed the accord to join the North Atlantic Treaty of organisation in February 2019.
  • World’s biggest crafts fair Surajkund International Mela is being organised from February 1st to 17th 2019.
  • Kerala has become the first state to set up a Price monitoring and Research Unit to track the violation of prices of medical devices and essential drugs.
  • The Swacha Bharath Mission has launched the Dharwaza Bundh (Part-2) campaign on 6th Feb 2019.
  • The State Bank of India’s UK chief Mr.Sanjiv Chandra received the Freedom of the ‘City of London’ Award.
  • Yes Bank was announced as the winner of the 9th edition of Aegis Graham Bell Award 2018 for it’s ‘Yes Engage Enrich Excel(EEE) project in data science.
  • Vande Bharat Express is going to launch by Narendra Modi on 15th February. it is first Engine less train
  • 30th member of the NATO is Macedonia. it’s capital is Skopje. Its currency is Macednian Denar.
  • Swine flu is caused by H1N1 virus and has symptoms similar to regular flu.
  • Indian Coast Gaurd and Airport Authority of India Signed an memorandum of understanding at coast Gaurd Regional Headquarters in Port Blair. It is aimed at strengthening mutual interactions, interoperability and validating procedures during the conduct of search and rescue operation.
  • ‘Sangeet Natak’ academy is the highest Indian recognition given for practicing artists, awarded by president of India.
  • Smt. Smriti Irani the union Minister of Textiles launched the India Size project in Mumbai on 6th Feb 2019.
  • The 3rd Indo-German working Group for water and waste management concluded on 6th Feb 2019 in New Delhi.
  • Third Indo-German Environment Forum will meet in New Delhi on Feb 2019.
  • The Union Cabinet approved the signing of MOU (Memorandum of understanding) between India and Malaysia on 6th Feb 2019.
  • ‘Granny Dakshayani’ is the India’s oldest Elephant dies at 88 in Kerala. She was also awarded by the tittle ‘Gaja Muthassi’.
  • The National Testing Agency has Launched a mobile app with the help of which students can take , Mock tests on their smartphones.
  • Saptha Shakti Command will conduct ‘Exercise Rahat’ on 11-12th of Feb 2019 on behalf of Indian Army.
  • Suresh Prabhu is the Union minister of Civil Aviation, commerce and Indsutry.
  • WTO head quarters is situated in Geneva.
  • World Cancer day is on 4th of Feb to encourage prevention of cancer founded by UICC.
  • Manoj Simha is the union minister of State for Railways and Communication.
  • The 2nd ASEAN-India youth Summit was organised from 3rd-6th Feb 2019.
  • The National Road Safety week was launched on 4th feb 2019.
  • Sana Mir from Pakisthan became the first Asian Women Cricketer to play 100 T20 International Matches.
  • The first State level awareness programme on agriculture export policy was held in Pune on 2nd Febrauary 2019.
  • IORA is the Inter Government Organisation which has 22 disaster prone countries as its memebers. Its aim is to strengthen co-operation in disaster response.
  • India’s latest communication satellite GSAT-31 WAS succesfully launched by European launch service provider – Arianespace rocket from French Guiana. Its weight is 2,536 kg.
  • The world’s count festival 2019 was held in Pune, Maharshtra on 3rd feb 2019. Its goal is to gather all the speakers from diffrent parts to share their insights on various pertinent issues.
  • Capital of Monaco is Monte Carlo. Its currency is Euro.
  • Juan Guaido was selected as president of Venezuela. Its Capital is Caracas. Its currency is Bolivar.
  • Ministry of defence launched a mobile app RDP India 2019 on 26 january 2019.
  • “Rashtriya Khamadhenu Ayoga” for protection of cows
  • Odisha CM Naveen Panaik launched the ‘Jiban Sampark’ project in partnership with UNICEF India on 27 Jaunary 2019.
  • The Central Bank of UAE( United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia has Launched a common digital currency “ABER’

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