Every human on this earth need a job when they come to the certain age, to survive on this earth. But deciding the Carrier is the toughest thing which we come across. Because the decision which we take will decide our future. “OUR FUTURE WILL BE IN OUR OWN HANDS” .

Everyone will be in dilemma, which job should I select Private or Indian Government Jobs. Some of your friends and family will suggest you Private and some will suggest for government. But everything depends on you. I know that you had selected Indian government job ,that’s why you are here. My view is also towards the government job because of the security which it provides.

Even i too came from the situation like you , i also have 4 years of experience in this field. Searching a job and clearing the exams is too tough in this competitive world.

To help the job seekers like you, I started a website which helps you to get all the Indian government job updates at a single place on 01/01/2019